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Established Coffee x BelFeast: Tasting Coffee Better

  • Established Coffee 54 Hill Street BT1 2LD (map)

Established Coffee x BelFeast: Tasting Coffee Better

Coffee contains over 850 compounds that contribute to flavour of cup of tasty brown liquid we consume daily - to put this in context it’s more than you’d find in a glass of wine!

With so much potential tastiness contained in each coffee bean sometimes all that’s needed to unlock it is some ‘palate training’ and, of course, a selection of great coffees!
In this short, free workshop we’ll look at how tastes and flavours combine to make coffee taste great and hopefully unlock some tasty new realms of coffee experience.

We will look at how we taste:

  • Sweetness

  • Sourness (Acidity)

  • Bitterness

We will also look at spotting some common aromas and flavours in coffee, using some tips and tricks we've picked up over the years to expand our abilities to discern what it is we're tasting.

You'll be enjoying a coffee with a candy floss sweetness, high citric acidity and a lingering grapefruit bitterness in no time!

This workshop is limited to 12 people.