Andrés Castillo - Colombia (250g)


Andrés Castillo - Colombia (250g)

Peach | Blackberry | Blood Orange

Producer: Yilmer Andrés Castillo
Country: Colombia
Region: Palestina, Huila
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Semi-Washed
Altitude: 1700 masl

 Yilmer Andrés Castillo and his family have had their farm, Quebradillas, for three generations in the mountains of the Palestina municipality. Having grown up surrounded by coffee growing he has been on a journey towards higher grade specialty coffee. Improved infrastructure, better cherry pickings, refined processing and growing a variety like Pink Bourbon, have all come together to produce the lot we have acquired.

This coffee is big, fruity and sweet, with great acidity to bring balance. 

Ripe peach and blackberry are the big aroma notes, accompanying deep sweetness and structured acidity producing an incredible cup of coffee. As the coffee cools the flavours are very much like citrus and berry 'Five Alive' drinks combined; around 55C the coffee is very much like a rich fruit punch. The aftertaste on this coffee is like blood orange, with the quality of sweetness, acidity, bitterness and orange flavours balancing each other out perfectly. 

This is an incredible coffee, from a producer working hard to improve every aspect of their production and the skill and hard work is obvious in the quality of the final product.

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