Buena Vista - Colombia (250g/1kg)


Buena Vista - Colombia (250g/1kg)

Blackcurrant | Raspberry | Plum Jam

Farm: Buena Vista
Farmer: Edier Perdomo
Country: Colombia
Region: Filo de Chillurco, Pitalito
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Washed 
Altitude: 1700 m.a.s.l

In the world of coffee you come across farms, producers and coffees that you’ve encountered in the past. Mark first used a washed Bourbon from Edier Perdomo in 2015 Irish Barista Championships. When you compete in a barista competition you get to know the coffee very well as there is a lot of brewing and tasting, so Edier Perdomo is a name we could never forget. It was a joy to be able to bring in coffee from Edier’s Buena Vista farm in the past few years, and to have this Pink Bourbon for another year showcases a value of Established – relationships built on quality and consistency.

Edier has owned this farm for 24 years, having grown up in a family of coffee growers. We first tasted coffee from this farm in 2015, This lot is pink bourbon, which is showcased in the sweetness found in this coffee. Edier's post-harvest processing is second to none, with an immaculate and intentionally well-appointed wet mill and drying facility, which results in a clean cup and a coffee that is rich, with a clean finish.

Whenever we tasted this coffee everyone experienced the depth of sweetness and the accompanying flavours in slightly different ways but we all agreed that it showcases how special Colombian coffees can be! Some found big sweetness, which coupled with the dense frutiness to taste like plum jam. Others linked the sweetness and deep dried fruit note to a blackcurrant or raspberry; the notes we drew from the coffee really reminded us of Kenyan coffees, and there are not many compliments higher than having that comparison made. There is a deep, rich character to this coffee and it produces a full-bodied and round cup with great acidity.

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