Mensur Abahika Jemal Natural - Ethiopia (250g/1kg)


Mensur Abahika Jemal Natural - Ethiopia (250g/1kg)

Mandarin | Papaya | Pineapple

Country: Ethiopia     
Region: Jimma
Variety: JARC 74110, 74112     
Process:  Natural

This Ethiopian Natural is an exciting one, not just because it tastes good, but because it’s the work of a single producer. With many ‘farms’ in Ethiopia being small parcels of land on which people grow coffee to have someone like Mensur, with his 18 hectare farm, is slightly unusual. Most coffees are sold via washing stations, combining the hard work of multiple producers and although this system has consistently produced incredible coffees it’s nice to be able to name the exact farmer responsible for making this coffee so good! Changes in legislation has allowed farmers to begin exporting coffee as their own, rather than having to sell to the washing stations.

The other interesting part of this coffee’s sourcing is that the area is not well know for producing high quality naturally processed coffees, but Mensur’s attention to detail when processing showcases what is possible. For many years Ethiopian Naturals were regarded so highly, but as other countries improved their processing some believed Ethiopia was being left behind, but coffees like Mensur’s demonstrate that Ethiopia will always be at the top tier when it comes to making exceptional coffee!

This is a natural with a good level of acidity, to bring more balance and complexity, rather than being all-out boozy. Citrus and tropical fruits dominate across the full spectrum of taste and smell. You’ll find sweet citrus in the aroma, like mandarin, carrying though into the flavours whilst the coffee is hot. As it cools the sweetness and acidity will increase, bringing out much more in the tropical side of things. Papaya, mango, pineapple and grapefruit are all there, and if you play with your brewing you should be able to accentuate these to find your perfect cup.

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