Refisa - Ethiopia (250g) Calendar Coffee


Refisa 250g (Ethiopia) - Calendar Coffee

Pink Grapefruit & Apricot

Farm: Refisa Washing Station
Country: Ethiopia
Region: Nensebo, West Arsi
Variety: Walisho & Kurume
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1950 m.a.s.l. 

Grind: If you need your coffee ground, let us know in the "Note to Seller" at checkout.

"Ethiopia is universally referred to as the birthplace of coffee and of all the producing countries, it’s surely one of the most compelling. The flavours here are notably diverse from citrus to florals, through to candied and even tropical fruit. The best washed coffees are elegant, complex and delicious, and this lot from West Arsi is no exception.

Refisa is the name of the washing station located in Nensebo, West Arsi. Here the coffee is grown wild, in semi forest and certified organic. There are 389 producers who own this land and pick the cherries by hand, delivering them to the washing station for processing. Compared to its neighbours, Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, the coffees from Nansebo are not as well known, but are quickly gaining popularity within the speciality coffee market. The washed coffees here are citrusy and sweet, with a smooth mouthfeel, which we think is quite special! 

With notes of pink grapefruit and apricot, this coffee is well balanced, sugary sweet and perfect for any filter brew method."

If you have any brewing questions, they can be submitted to and we'll be answering these in a series of videos on our social media channels.