Bella Vista (Honduras) - (250g/KG)


Bella Vista Honey - Honduras (250g/1kg)

Pear | Blackberry | Dried Fig

Farmer: Alex Ponce
Country: Honduras
Region: Marcala, La Paz
Variety: Catuaí

Process:  Honey

Alex Ponce has been surrounded by coffee since he was a boy, growing up on his father's coffee farm.

After years of working in the clothing industry Alex purchased a property from his uncle and began planting coffee there the following year. Alex's dad currently lives with him on the farm, and manages operations when Alex is not there.

Increasing the number of raised beds has allowed for more space for drying coffee, particularly during the cloudier days during the harvest season. This honey processed lot makes the most of these raised beds. Ripe cherries are de-pulped at the wet mill on the day they are picked then dried on the raised beds until the desired moisture/humidity is achieved. Beans are raked every 30 minutes whilst drying and hand-sorted to remove defective beans.

The honey process has introduced more sweetness and deeper fruit notes to this coffee, making it easier to find a sweet spot across espresso and the full spectrum of filter coffee brew methods.

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