Karambo Honey - Burundi (250g/1kg)


Karambo Honey - Burundi (250g/1kg)

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Washing Station : Karambo
Country: Burundi     
Region: Gasorwe Commune, Muyinga Province       
Variety: Red Bourbon       
Process:  Honey     
Altitude: 1500 - 1700 MASL

This Is Burundi Coffee, or TIB, are one of Raw Material's purchasing partner’s in Burundi. Operated by Prosper Merimee and his family, TIB’s vision is to create a true, sustainable impact of the communities and farmers that they buy from, connecting their harvests to buyer’s in the specialty market that want to have producer wellbeing as a central tenet to their procurement.

TIB have established long standing relationships based on trust with the producers of Gasorwe Commune. In partnership with Raw Material’s own station Izuba, and the assistance of Gaudam Anbalagan, Karambo is a station that is firmly focussed on improving the cup quality, processing techniques and overall operations of the station, which ultimately results in larger profitability potential for the producers Karambo buys cherry from. Karambo is a very new washing station, which began operating in 2021. In their first year of operations they produced two containers of exportable coffee. Within 12 months they produced a whopping five more, more than doubling their processing capacity, and also buying volume, in just one year. 

TIB acquired the land for Karambo Washing Station on Karambo hill, Gasorwe Commune, Muyinga District. Muyinga is a district located in the North East of Burundi, where the producers who sell to Karambo are situated at between 1500 - 1700 MASL. This location is perfectly placed for reliably drying conditions for coffee, with high levels of sun and quite predictable rain. The region of Muyinga is most known for tourism in the Ruvubu National Park, and most notably the Ruvubu River, which joins the Nile. Muyinga is a region also well known for its rich mineral and ore density, with a large industry in the extraction of gold and coltan. Over time, Muyinga is becoming more and more known for its high quality coffee production, alongside the province of Kayanza, where Raw Material's station Izuba is located.

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