Clean Drop - Cleaning Aid for Coffee Maker & Capsule Machine


A lot of great coffee is spoilt by poorly cleaned coffee machines and coffee-servers. Sour and bitter coffee is often due to fat and residue from coffee and water has clogged the thin pipes inside the coffee machine. This can leave a bad taste to your coffee, and shorten the life expectancy of your coffee machine. It is recommended to clean the machine every 100 brews (think 1 pack of filter papers).

Instructions for use:

Fill the container with lukewarm water. Add one bag of Clean Drop and start the coffee maker. After about one minute you turn the coffee maker off. Leave it for a few minutes for the solution to work properly.Then you turn the machine on again. Clean the pot and filter holder with the solution. Run clean water through the coffee maker a couple of times.

Content: 5 bags/sachets.