El Vergel Pink Creation - Colombia (250g)


El Vergel Pink Creation - Colombia (250g)

Red Apple | Raspberry | Nectarine

Producer: El Vergel & La Primavera
Country: Colombia
Region: Tolima
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1800 masl

Forest Coffee is a partnership from Shady and Elias Bayter at El Vergel. With innovations in processing, particularly in Colombia, to produce cleaner and more unique coffees Forest Coffee partners up with small farmers in Huila and Tolima to encourage them to try new methods of producing their beautiful coffees.

In the village of Bajo Encanto lies the serene farm La Primavera flush with pink bourbon. Our producer in the equation is Don Freddy Correa, who teamed up with Shady and Elias to develop new processes. After harvest, Pink Bourbon Creation spends 24 hours in the coffee fruit, then de-pulped and fermented in mucilage for 36 hours. The coffee is sun-dried in raisins for 15 days.

Grind: If you need your coffee ground, select on the dropdown. Let us know in the "Special Instructions" if there is any other specific brew method you need the coffee ground for.