San Antonio Honey Process - El Salvador (250g)


San Antonio Honey Process - El Salvador (250g) - Origin Coffee Roasters

Plum | Chamomile | Vanilla

Farm: San Antonio
Country: El Salvador
Region: Juayua
Variety: Pola
Process: Honey
Altitude: 1450 m.a.s.l. 

If you need your coffee ground let us know in the "Special Instructions for seller"; specify which brew method you will be using and we will grind the coffee to suit -  e.g. AeroPress, Clever Dripper, 1 or 2 person V60, etc. 

"This year sees the continuation of our collaboration with one of our long-standing Direct Trade partners in El Salvador, Carlos Pola.

Carefully marrying modern technology with time-tested craft and intuition, Carlos and his team have an innate knowledge of the plants that grow on their cultivated hillsides surrounding Juayua.

This year, Carlos started to track every lot on the farm using unique QR codes, which would provide an exact GPS location. Using this information, he can assess how the differing environment affects the taste of the coffee.

This coffee was dried on beds in approximately 50% light. This practice is similar to cooking; Carlos layers cascara (coffee cherry) underneath the beds and uses it as a smoking agent. The cascara’s aroma rises through the beds and infuses with the coffee."

If you have any brewing questions, they can be submitted to and we'll be answering these in a series of videos on our social media channels.