Timemore Chestnut C2 Hand Grinder


The perfect grinder for someone looking to start grinding at home, or whilst travelling. This grinder has a premium feel, grinds well across the full filter coffee range and is a great entry point for anyone looking to start grinding on demand.
The knurled grip pattern, across the whole exterior of the grinder both looks great and is practical, enabling better grip whilst grinding. 
Dual bearing burr shaft produces more consistent grounds and better results in the cup. 
Colour:  "Black', but in truth more of a Gunmetal Grey
Material: Aluminium casing with PCTG durable plastic inside
Blade material: CNC stainless steel 38mm conical burrs
Capacity: approx 30g coffee beans
Dimensions: 147mm x 50mm with 160mm handle
Weight: approx. 450g