Women's Project - DR Congo (250g)


Women's Coffee Project - DR Congo (250g)

Mango | Satsuma | Black Tea

This lot comprises coffee delivered from more than 3,500 women smallholder farmers, members of SOPACDI. We cannot ever understand what the women of the DRC have been through but we feel so very privileged to be able to have their coffee on our shelves. We want to celebrate every woman who has made it possible for us to share this coffee with you.

£2 from each bag sold will be donated to the Panzi Foundation who do amazing work for women in the DRC.

Farm: 3,546 women smallholder farmer members of SOPACDI
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
Region: Kalehe territory, South Kivu
Process: Washed 
Altitude: 1600 masl

Grind: If you need your coffee ground, select on the dropdown. Let us know in the "Special Instructions" if there is any other specific brew method you need the coffee ground for.