Amatenango - Mexico


Amatenango - Mexico

Date | Cherry | Ruby Oolong

Producers: Sierra Productora de Cafe (SIPRO) - 8 Producers
Country: Mexico
Variety: Caturra, Mundo Novo
Process: Natural 

This naturally processed coffee was imported by Raw material, who are a social enterprise importer who donate 100% of their profits to the producers.

In Mexico, their work is based in Oaxaca and Chiapas, two poorest states in Mexico with poverty rates of 60-80% and extreme poverty rates of 20-40% with Chiapas being Mexico’s poorest.  It also has the largest indigenous population and is the country’s biggest producer of coffee.

One of their newer buying relationships is with the association SIPRO, who produced this coffee; SIPRO stands for Sierra Productora de Cafe. The association is new, the brainchild and combined effort of 8 mostly young coffee producers in Amatenango de la Frontera.

Amatenango is directly across the border from the Guatemalan region, Huehuetenango; sharing its terroir with one of the most famous regions in the world for impeccable coffee quality. The group decided to work together as an organised cooperative, to have more strength within the market, with better access to specialty buyers.

This is a boozy natural with all the sweetness and body to carry that through to a complex cup. Medjool dates, cherry compote and a long oolong tea finish.

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