Estd Cafe 'Half Bap' Mug (300ml)


300ml (10oz) ACME Bobby Mug printed with illustrations by Glenn Kennedy. The Half Bap Mug depicts a cafe window on one side, and a nod to our cafe's location, within the 'Half-Bap', on the reverse.

Our Cafe is located in the Cathedral Quarter, the area centred on Talbot Street behind the cathedral, was formerly called the Half Bap. Why the Half Bap? Victorian baker and businessman Barney Hughes opened his first bakery just round the corner from the cafe, on Donegall Street, and during a time when many were struggling to afford food he created 'The Belfast Bap'. Barney was known for his generosity, decency and his sense of justice. He worked hard for equality and fought against sectarianism. Barney went on to become the owner of the largest milling and baking enterprise in Belfast.

Over the years our little corner of the city became known as the “Half Bap” referencing Barney’s modified version of the Belfast Bap for those in the area who couldn’t afford more. As story tells it, Belfast's first roundabout (which was reminiscent of the top half of Barney's bap) was built in the area, which further cemented the Half Bap name. We're proud to be a Belfast cafe and love our home on the corner of Talbot St & Hill St, an area steeped in history.

The mug itself is designed by ACME. It's a thin-lipped, more refined mug, but with the practical capacity of a diner mug. We love the form and comfort in the hand, but also its elegance which quickly made this one of our favourite mugs and one we knew would be perfect to enjoy our coffee from.

There are 4 mugs in this series, pick up the full set of 4 here.

This mug is perfect for your morning coffee. Only available online, and in the Established Cafe.

Technical Details

Fine and elegant, high temperature fired, Porcelain. Dishwasher safe. Porcelain is a natural product and will exhibit natural variations in the product and in the glaze coverage and effect.

Outside diameter: 82 mm 
Base diameter: 48 mm 
Height: 76 mm 
Volume: 300ml 

Design and illustrations are by Belfast artist Glenn Kennedy.