Rosalina Ramos Honey Anaerobic (Honduras) - (250g/KG)


Rosalina Ramos Anaerobic Honey - Honduras (250g/1kg)

Plum | Blackberry | Black Tea

Farmer: Rosalina Ramos
Country: Honduras
Region: Cabañas, La Paz
Variety: IH90

Process:  Honey Anaerobic

Near Cabañas, in the south-west of Honduras close to its El Salvadorian border, Rosalina was born into a family of farmers. Always close to the land, Rosa's experiences centred around the corn, beans and cattle farmed by her family but a few years ago embarked on a new venture when she purchased a 2-hectare plot to plant coffee.

In just a few years both production and the quality of the farm have developed rapidly. Rosalina plans to build on this by constructing a house on the property - allowing her to invest more time on site across the entire year. 

Once harvested and de-pulped, cherries are passed to oxygen-free tanks where they undergo an initial 72-hour anaerobic fermentation. The cherries are then transferred to raised beds for a 25-day natural drying process. This helps to intensify and elevate the natural sweetness of the coffee.

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