Brew Better Coffee At Home


Brew Better Coffee at Home

In order to reintroduce in-person classes we have put several measures into place to ensure, primarily, the safety of each attendee and class instructor, whilst also retaining the experience and value of our Brew Classes.

These measures include:

> Limiting class sizes to 4 people, to enable social distancing throughout the class

> Classes limited to 1-a-day, to allow for deep cleaning of the room and equipment

> No shared vessels or equipment during the class

> Hand Sanitiser at each work station

Brew Better Coffee at Home is a class for anyone who makes coffee at home and would like to know a little bit more about what they’re drinking and how to get the best out of their beans.

From coffee farm to your kitchen counter, you’ll learn how the crop is transformed into the coffee beans you buy and how all the steps in the coffee production chain affect your coffee experience.

Brew Better Coffee at Home is a 2 hour class, during which time we’ll use 3 different brew methods to demonstrate our top home-brewing tips and everyone will go home with a bag of coffee. There are 4 spaces on each class, which allows time and space for questions also.

The class will take place in the Established Coffee Training Room, which is adjacent to the cafe on Hill Street. Make your way to the cafe, just by 10:25A.M. and we'll bring everyone across to the Training Room.

For group bookings or further enquiries, you can email us at

Gift vouchers are also available from the café.

If you have received a Brew Class Voucher and would like to attend this class then please e-mail to reserve your place; you will then receive a confirmation e-mail with your ticket.