BWT Vida 2.6l Water Filter Jug + 1 Cartridge (Petrol Blue)


BWT Vida 2.6L Table Water Filter Jug + 1 Cartridge (Petrol – Blue)

Ideal for your home espresso/filter coffee machine which is manual fill and requires filtered water to optimise the final brew and prevent any scale issues within the machine.

The BWT Water Filter Jug Vida 2.6L impresses with its simple and straightforward design. The lid features an manual indicator, which acts as a reminder for the next due filter cartridge change. The table water filter is also equipped with a practical filling flap and the ergonomic handle ensures easy and safe handling.

You can pick up a refillable filter cartridge, which is ready to use and comes with 3 additional refills, to continue having great brewing water whilst reducing the amount of plastic being used.