Kagumoini AB - Kenya (250g/1kg)


Kagumoini AB - Kenya (250g/1kg)

Blackberry | Blood Orange | Raspberry

Farmer: 1900 Smallholders
Country: Kenya
Region: Nyeri
Variety: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11 & Batian
Process:  Washed

The Kagumoini factory is situated in Muranga County and operates under the management of the Kamacharia Farmers Cooperative Society. The cooperative was established in 1993 following the merger of two previous cooperatives in the region. Currently, the washing station serves a community of 1,384 active members who bring their coffee cherries from small farms to the wetmill for processing.

The coffee from Kagumoini Washing Station undergoes a fully washed processing method, which involves the complete removal of the outer skin and pulp during the washing and depulping stages. After the cherries are pulped, they are placed in tanks for fermentation overnight. Subsequently, the coffee undergoes another soaking process before being carefully dried on raised beds.

Through the combined efforts of the Kamacharia Farmers Cooperative Society and the Kagumoini Washing Station, this coffee lot represents the dedication to quality and the unique characteristics of the region's soil and varietals.

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